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Snowfall in parking lot in Michigan

Polar Vortex Hits Michigan

When the Polar Vortex of 2019 hit Michigan, it brought devastation to families and their properties state wide. When the local SERVPRO franchise in Michigan called on us for help, we were quick to respond. We sent our SERVPRO of Natchez crews and equipment north to assist in the clean up and restoration efforts.  

A great benefit of being part of the SERVPRO family of franchises is that when major storm events occur, we can call on each other to help in difficult times. 

Man wears coveralls and respirator (PPE) to clean mold

Our Crew Chief Ken dressed in PPE

Before entering certain jobs such as mold removal or biohazard cleanups, it is important for our team members to protect themselves from potential injury or infection. Personal protective equipment (PPE) consists of protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other equipment and garments designed to keep the body protected. We use PPE to protect our technicians from electricity, heat, biohazards, chemicals, and particulate matter. 

Fallen ceiling from burst pipe in bedroom

Burst Pipe in Natchez, MS

This image is an example of how quickly water damage can spread through a home. When a pipe burst in an upstairs bathroom, it caused the ceiling to cave in and for the water to spread to the downstairs bedroom as well. 

Within hours of the homeowner’s call, SERVPRO of Natchez arrived and began the restoration process. Our quick response and quality work left the owner pleased they had called us. 

Fire damage to the front door and window of a home

What to do after a House Fire until SERVPRO Arrives

If you have recently experienced a house fire, you may be wondering what you can do before we arrive. Here we have created a list of do’s and don’ts to help guide you after the fire department has finished their work. 

  • Do limit and try to refrain from moving around the home 
  • Do place clean linens on high traffic areas and upholstery
  • Do not try to wash any walls or painted surfaces 
  • Do not shampoo carpet 
  • Do not clean any electrical equipment 
  • Do not send clothing or other textiles to the dry cleaners – improper cleaning can set in smoke smell

Leave the cleaning work to us! We are experts in cleaning and restoring property after it has been damaged by fire and smoke.

If you have experienced a fire at your home or business, remember SERVPRO of Natchez is here to help! Call our office at 601.304.5554.

SERVPRO air movers drying a flooded house

Sheetrock Removal

When water damage affects local homes and businesses, SERVPRO of Natchez will take the necessary steps to complete the restoration. This home near the Mississippi River was severely flooded, which damaged the drywall, installation, and flooring. Our technicians went in and removed all of the affected materials and placed drying equipment to further remove any remaining moisture.

SERVPRO team member standing with Natchez Fire Department firefighters

National First Responders Day

From all of us here at SERVPRO of Natchez we want to thank all of our first responders who sacrifice everyday to protect and serve our local communities. We hope you will join us in celebrating National Emergency Responders Day and help us send love and support to the Natchez Fire Department! Thank you for your selfless service to the Natchez community! 

SERVPRO owner posing with Brook Johnson and YETI cooler

YETI Grand Prize Winner

Brook Johnson of Natchez is the grand prize winner of our Facebook Giveaway! We love doing giveaways on Facebook!  Stay tuned to see what we will be giving away next!

Leaked water on hardwood floor of living room

The Rapid Spread of Water Damage

This image demonstrates just how rapidly water can spread and damage a home. This loss began in the kitchen when a pipe burst under the sink and quickly spread to other areas of the house. By the time the homeowner was able to shut off the water, the damage had already completely covered the living room. The homeowner couldn’t believe how quickly SERVPRO was able to dry out her home and make it “Like it never even happened.”

Standing water ripples on linoleum flooring

Large Scale Water Loss in Commercial Facility

Small leaks can have large consequences. This commercial facility had a small leak in its roof. When a severe storm affected Natchez, this leak caused flooding to spread throughout multiple floors of the building. SERVPRO of Natchez responded to this disaster and extracted all the water and completed the restoration, so it was “Like it never even happened.” 

If you are experiencing water damage or flooding, SERVPRO has the knowledge and experience to handle it. Whether this disaster occurs in a small office or a large facility, we will respond quickly to mitigate further damage and manage the restoration to its completion.  

Water Damage or Flooding? Call Us Today 601.304.5554

Dining room with visible smoke damage and soot on surfaces

Residential Fire

throughout the home. Structures, furniture, and other belongings were all affected by the flames, smoke, and soot. However, the damage did not stop here, after the fire trucks were gone and the flames were put out, there was extensive water damage from the firefighting efforts.   

If you have experienced a fire in your home, SERVPRO of Natchez has the specialized experience to quickly restore your home. We are the leading fire and water damage cleanup and restoration experts and will work fast, so it is “Like it never even happened.”

Shoes hang in shoe organizer with mold growth around the heels

Residential Mold Remediation

When this homeowner discovered mold in a closet, they called SERVPRO of Natchez to perform mold remediation services. We worked quickly to keep this mold from spreading and to remove it completely.

We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster

In as little as 48 hours, a minor mold issue can spread through a home or business. That is why we will rapidly respond to your call and get to work on the remediation process. A quick response prevents the mold from spreading, limits the amount of damage, and helps to reduce the cost.

Moisture seeping through flooring in a crawl space

Mold Mitigation

When a house floods, water damage may only be the tip of the iceberg. If moisture gets trapped and goes undetected, it can lead to bigger problems down the road. That is why at SERVPRO of Natchez, we always check below the floor and in crawl spaces for moisture during the water mitigation process. If these areas go unchecked, mold can grow and spread throughout the home, leading to further damage and expense.

Hand holds a phone showing Emergency READY Profile on the screen. in the background is a rainy street

Be Ready-Emergency READY Plan

Spring is full of surprises, but don’t let disaster be one of them. Be "Ready for whatever happens" by creating an Emergency READY Profile® for your home or business.

SERVPRO air movers drying hallway of doctor's office

Storm Damage in Vidalia, LA

In January of 2018 a severe winter storm hit Vidalia, Louisiana. The staff from this medical office returned from their lunch to find that the storm had caused an attic water line to break, leaving their office completely flooded. Our team at SERVPRO of Natchez responded urgently to extract the water and place air movers to dry out the office and get it back up and running with minimal down time.  

If you experience a water loss in your home or business call SERVPRO of Natchez at 601.304.5554.

Mold growth along ceiling beam

Preventing and Discovering Mold

Discovering mold in cabinets, below floor boards, in crawl spaces, or anywhere in the home is a homeowner’s nightmare. Understanding how mold grows and how to prevent it is pivotal information for any home or property owner. Below are some facts and tips that can help you keep mold from developing in your home.   

  • Mold spores are present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic and float through the air. They may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or pet.
  • Mold thrives on moisture. Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. These colonies produce allergens and irritants.
  • Before mold remediation can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise, the mold may return.
  • Mold often produces a strong, musty odor and can help lead you to possible problem areas.
  • Even higher-than-normal indoor humidity can support mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.

If you do experience mold, SERVPRO is here to help. Our technicians are experts in mold remediation and will help get your property back so it’s “Like it never even happened.”

Mold Remediation

Confusion and misunderstanding surround the topic of mold and mold remediation. Some restoration businesses even make claims to remove all mold from a building. This is a fallacy. Mold spores occur naturally almost everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. These microscopic spores float along in the air and can enter a home or business through windows and HVAC systems.

Mold growth on popcorn ceiling

Got Mold?

Besides causing a major business interruption, mold presents a serious health risk to those exposed at your commercial property. Mold infestations can be caused by minor water intrusions, like a slow roof leak or a loose plumbing fitting. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. If you suspect your property has a mold problem, call SERVPRO of Natchez. We will respond quickly and work to mitigate the damage and restore the property, so it is “Like it never even happened.”

small smoke web hangs from ceiling

Smoke Webs

After a fire has occurred it is not uncommon to find “smoke webs” in corners or at junctions of ceilings and walls. While they hold a resemblance to spider webs they are actually soot and residue particles that form into chains and create webbed structures. This occurs when heat circulates into colder spaces, followed by ionized soot and smoke particles that form together to create these patterns.

Kitchen with fire and smoke damage on cabinets and ceiling

Fire in Centreville, MS

Grease is a common source of kitchen fires. Flames can quickly get out of control and damage the entire house. In this case, the flames reached all the way to the ceiling, damaging cabinets and other appliances along the way. Smoke from this fire spread throughout the house, creating smoke damage everywhere it went. The SERVPRO of Natchez technicians handled every stage of the fire restoration process. From the clean up, to the deodorization and reconstruction, our team made sure it was “Like it never even happened.”

Water damage causing a ceiling to cave in over a bed

Artic Temperatures Causing Damage in Natchez

In December, Natchez experienced temperatures dropping down into the teens. With this extreme cold, many found themselves with burst pipes leading to water losses. This homeowner walked into this bedroom to find that a water loss had caused the ceiling to cave in. When disasters like this happen, SERVPRO of Natchez is trained and has the experience to handle it. If you are experiencing water loss in your home or business, we will have someone available to take your call at 601.304.5554.

Air movers and dehumidifiers drying water damaged carpet

The Water Restoration Process

This home in Natchez had a leak that soaked into the carpet. The SERVPRO of Natchez team first came in and extracted the water from the affected area. Next, in order to prevent secondary water damage, the team needed to remove any excess moisture of humidity. Using the LGR air movers and dehumidifiers, which are part of the SERVPRO professional inventory, these technicians were able to resolve the issue.

Air movers drying a home effected by flood damage

Storm Damage in Monroe LA

When flash floods hit Monroe, Louisiana, our Storm Team at SERVPRO of Natchez answered the call. The intense flooding severely affected many homes and businesses throughout the area. In this home, our team had to remove the sheetrock in order to dry out the space and complete the restoration process. There is no loss too large for our teams, who will work hard for you to make sure, it is “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Storm Team travel trailer outside SERVPRO warehouse

Storm Damage Ready

Unfortunately, catastrophes happen. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and flash flooding are just a few examples. When these events occur, no matter where they happen, the SERVPRO of Natchez Storm Team is ready to mobilize and go wherever the disaster hits. This trailer is always ready, so when disasters happen, our team members can get in and go, so help is never far away.

Mold growth on cabinet door and surrounding floor

Mold: Little Spores Become Big Problems

Mold can start out as a small problem, but very quickly turn into a much larger one. It can force you out of your home, become a large financial expense, and consume lots of your time. In this case, moisture around this cabinet area allowed mold spores to grow. Eventually, the mold spread throughout the entire room. 

If you have encountered mold in your home, don’t wait, call us at SERVPRO of Natchez at 601.304.5554. Our expert technicians will work quickly to make sure it is “Like it never even happened.”

The "Flir" detected where moisture is located in a home

Using the Latest Technology

At SERVPRO of Natchez we have a variety of innovative tools at our disposal. The one pictured here is called a Flir. It detects moisture and shows our technicians where there may be moisture hidden in a wall that is not visible to the naked eye. The Flir gives our technicians “x-ray vision,” so they can most accurately detect where water has affected a home or business. This helps them to do the most thorough job at making the loss “Like it never even happened.” 

Moisture meter detecting water in a wall

Water Loss Restoration Tools

Here at SERVPRO of Natchez we use many different tools during the water loss restoration process. This tool is called a moisture meter, it tells our technicians how much moisture is in a specific area. Each Crew Chief carries one to every site they visit, so they can ensure that each water loss is properly restored. 

If you have experienced a water loss in your home, business, or commercial facility do not hesitate to call us at 601.304.5554. We have team members around the clock available to answer your call.

Speciality sponge removing soot from a fire damaged wall

Specialty Products Used For Fire Damage

Fires are capable of devastating destruction to homes, businesses, and commercial facilities. After the flames have been put out, there is still soot and smoke damage that can be difficult to clean. SERVPRO of Natchez uses specialty sponges that are designed to trap the soot and keep it from transferring to other surfaces. We are the experts in cleaning up and restoring property after a fire. If you experience a fire loss, call us at SERVPRO of Natchez to assist you in the restoration.

Damage in home shows height of flood waters in Monroe

House Flood

When flash flooding affected Monroe, LA, our SERVPRO of Natchez Storm Team dispatched to help in the clean up and restoration efforts. In this picture, you can see just how high the flood waters came in this home. There is no loss too large for our experts at SERVPRO of Natchez. If you are experiencing flooding in your home, business or commercial facility, call us at 601.304.5554.

Charred wall and fire damage in residential kitchen

Kitchen Fires

What is the leading cause of residential fires? More fires begin in the kitchen than any other room in the home. In fact, cooking is the leading cause of house fires in the United States. Therefore, it is important to know what steps to take in order to prevent fires from starting, such as never leaving cooking unattended, keeping metals out of the microwave, and turning off appliances when not in use. 

If you experience a house fire, call SERVPRO of Natchez, 601.304.5554 to reach the experts in fire restoration and clean up.

Fire damaged microwave

The Cause of Fire Loss

This microwave caused a major fire loss in a Natchez home. When the wiring of the microwave shorted out, it caught fire and spread across the kitchen. The resulting fire damage required smoke damage and soot removal in the home, which our expert technicians cleaned and restored. If you have fire or smoke damage in your home or business, our expert team at SERVPRO of Natchez is here to assist you. Call us anytime at 601.304.5554.

SERVPRO of Natchez truck in front of a home damaged by hurricane

Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey in October of 2012, it caused widespread devastation. Torrential rainfall and 80 mph winds led to widespread flooding, fallen trees and powerlines, collapsed infrastructure, and left millions without power. The storm cost New York alone over $42 billion in damages to public and private property. In this disaster SERVPRO of Natchez was dispatched to New York and New Jersey to assist in the restoration and clean up efforts. Our team was more than happy to provide help during this troubling time. 

Wet floor boards beneath a stage

Baptismal Overflows

This water damage resulted when a Baptismal was not properly shut off, causing it to overflow for several days. The leaders of this church called SERVPRO of Natchez for help. We came in and extracted all of the water, removed the damaged carpet, and placed air movers to ensure all of the moisture was removed. If you experience water damage in your home, business, or place of worship, call SERVPRO of Natchez for expert cleaning and restoration services. 

Standing water on concrete floor near stage area

Torrential Rains Flood Behavioral Health Center

A massive rainstorm brought torrential rainfall to Natchez in April of 2017. This led to flash flooding across the area. Many homes, businesses, and other buildings were affected, just like the behavioral health center pictured here, which flooded. When disasters like this happen, SERVPRO of Natchez is the expert in water damage restoration and will be there for you. Give us a call, day or night at 601.304.5554.

Sewage leak in crawl space

Sewage Leak In a Commercial Crawl Space

SERVPRO of Natchez was called out to this commercial space after repairs on old piping caused sewage to back up into the crawl space. Our technicians quickly and efficiently cleaned up the sewage. Leaving our customer thrilled with the speed and quality of our team members’ work, it was “Like it never even happened.”

Staining on carpet from tear gas smoke

Tear Gas Clean Up

In this circumstance, tear gas had been released in this property, the black smoke from which had stained the carpet, walls, and furniture. Utilizing our state of the art cleaning procedures, our team made the carpets and other surfaces look brand new. While this is not a common call for us at SERVPRO of Natchez, our technicians are trained and ready for this kind of disaster. If you are dealing with a biohazard disaster, give us a call at SERVPRO of Natchez, 601.304.5554.

Ash and smoke damage in apartment bathroom

Faulty Bathroom Vent

This is the aftermath of a bathroom vent that caught fire in a Natchez apartment unit. Smoke can quickly spread through an entire building depending on the temperature of the smoke itself and the temperature of the surrounding air. That is why the SERVPRO of Natchez fire restoration team tests all rooms for smoke damage to determine the reach of the smoke and to ensure that the property has been thoroughly cleaned. That way it is "Like it never even happened."

Before and after comparison of carpet cleaning results

Disaster Cleaning, Natchez

When disasters strike and damage your home or business, the clean up can require state of the art equipment to fully restore what has been lost. If you have been affected by water, smoke, or another disaster and your carpet has been damaged, our carpet cleaning machine can work like magic right before your eyes. Here you can see the results of our machine on this carpet.

SERVPRO technicians placing water extractors and air movers to area affected by water loss

Responsive and Quality Service

This commercial facility experienced a water loss as a result of a leak from an old pipe in their wall. The owner called SERVPRO and within 20 minutes of the call, our expert technicians were on site. Using water extractors and air movers, we dried the affected area overnight. We are proud to offer responsive, quality service. If you need us, give us a call, we will make sure it is “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO technician cleaning box truck after completing a job

Preparing for the Next Job

Here at SERVPRO of Natchez, we always want to be ready whenever we receive a call. That is why we clean all of our equipment and vehicles after every job. This is our Production Technician, Jason, cleaning one of our box trucks after a completed job. If you are experiencing water, fire, mold, or biohazard loss, call us here at SERVPRO of Natchez, we will be ready to make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO green and orange bounce house at community event

Community for a Cause

Here at SERVPRO of Natchez we love to support our community. We take pride in our area and work to be an active participant in local events. Community for a Cause was a local concert benefit at the Riverfront in Vidalia. This family fun event raised money for three local children Ellis Malone, Aiden Tauton and Lily-Anne Bryan. We donated our SERVPRO bounce house for the children to enjoy.

Team member standing in front of green SERVPRO van at water loss site

Commercial Water Loss

Here is our Crew Chief Ken on site at a commercial water loss in Vidalia. This facility experienced significant water damage, but our team arrived quickly, extracted the water, and placed air movers to dry the facility overnight. Ken and our technicians work hard to ensure all of our customers are satisfied with our work.