Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire at residential home

What You Can Do Until SERVPRO Arrives After A House Fire

  • Limit your movement in the home
  • Place clean linens on high traffic areas and upholstery
  • Do not wash any walls or painted surfaces
  • Do not shampoo carpet
  • Do not clean any electrical equipment
  • Do not send clothing to dry cleaner-- improper cleaning my set smoke smell

If you experience a fire at your home or business, remember SERVPRO of Natchez is here to help!  Call our office at 601.304.5554.

Smoke Webs

Smoke Webs

Residues (such as burning plastics or the soot from furnace disorders) form long chains of ionized smoke particles that assemble in corners or at junctions of walls and ceilings which are called smoke webs!

Fire in Centreville, MS

This grease fire jumped to the ceiling and smoke damage in the entire house and created a charred mess. The cleanup was the first step in the fire damage restoration service by our SERVPRO of Natchez techs to this kitchen in Centreville, MS. Odor control and a rebuild would be next.

Specialty Products Used For Fire Damage

This picture shows the amazing quality of our sponges we use to clean up soot in a fire loss jobs.  SERVPRO of Natchez uses specialty sponges that are designed to trap the soot and not allow it to transfer once inside the sponge.  Fire loss jobs can be very messy and hard to clean. If you experience a fire loss, let SERVPRO of Natchez assist you in your restoration.

Kitchen Fire

More fires begin in the kitchen than any other room in the home.  In fact, residential cooking is one of the leading causes.  If you experience a fire loss in your home call SERVPRO of Natchez, 601.304.5554 to let our professionals assist you in your clean up. 

Cause of Fire Loss

This photo is the cause of a fire loss in a home.  The microwave wiring shorted out causing a kitchen fire, smoke damage and soot removal in this home. If you have any fire related damage to your home, let our professional at SERVPRO of Natchez assist you in your clean up.  Call us at 601.304.5554.