Water Damage Photo Gallery

Fallen ceiling from burst pipe in bedroom

Burst Pipe in Natchez, MS

This image is an example of how quickly water damage can spread through a home. When a pipe burst in an upstairs bathroom, it caused the ceiling to cave in and for the water to spread to the downstairs bedroom as well. 

Within hours of the homeowner’s call, SERVPRO of Natchez arrived and began the restoration process. Our quick response and quality work left the owner pleased they had called us. 

SERVPRO air movers drying a flooded house

Sheetrock Removal

When water damage affects local homes and businesses, SERVPRO of Natchez will take the necessary steps to complete the restoration. This home near the Mississippi River was severely flooded, which damaged the drywall, installation, and flooring. Our technicians went in and removed all of the affected materials and placed drying equipment to further remove any remaining moisture.

Leaked water on hardwood floor of living room

The Rapid Spread of Water Damage

This image demonstrates just how rapidly water can spread and damage a home. This loss began in the kitchen when a pipe burst under the sink and quickly spread to other areas of the house. By the time the homeowner was able to shut off the water, the damage had already completely covered the living room. The homeowner couldn’t believe how quickly SERVPRO was able to dry out her home and make it “Like it never even happened.”

Standing water ripples on linoleum flooring

Large Scale Water Loss in Commercial Facility

Small leaks can have large consequences. This commercial facility had a small leak in its roof. When a severe storm affected Natchez, this leak caused flooding to spread throughout multiple floors of the building. SERVPRO of Natchez responded to this disaster and extracted all the water and completed the restoration, so it was “Like it never even happened.” 

If you are experiencing water damage or flooding, SERVPRO has the knowledge and experience to handle it. Whether this disaster occurs in a small office or a large facility, we will respond quickly to mitigate further damage and manage the restoration to its completion.  

Water Damage or Flooding? Call Us Today 601.304.5554

Water damage causing a ceiling to cave in over a bed

Artic Temperatures Causing Damage in Natchez

In December, Natchez experienced temperatures dropping down into the teens. With this extreme cold, many found themselves with burst pipes leading to water losses. This homeowner walked into this bedroom to find that a water loss had caused the ceiling to cave in. When disasters like this happen, SERVPRO of Natchez is trained and has the experience to handle it. If you are experiencing water loss in your home or business, we will have someone available to take your call at 601.304.5554.

Air movers and dehumidifiers drying water damaged carpet

The Water Restoration Process

This home in Natchez had a leak that soaked into the carpet. The SERVPRO of Natchez team first came in and extracted the water from the affected area. Next, in order to prevent secondary water damage, the team needed to remove any excess moisture of humidity. Using the LGR air movers and dehumidifiers, which are part of the SERVPRO professional inventory, these technicians were able to resolve the issue.

The "Flir" detected where moisture is located in a home

Using the Latest Technology

At SERVPRO of Natchez we have a variety of innovative tools at our disposal. The one pictured here is called a Flir. It detects moisture and shows our technicians where there may be moisture hidden in a wall that is not visible to the naked eye. The Flir gives our technicians “x-ray vision,” so they can most accurately detect where water has affected a home or business. This helps them to do the most thorough job at making the loss “Like it never even happened.” 

Team member standing in front of green SERVPRO van at water loss site

Commercial Water Loss

Here is our Crew Chief Ken on site at a commercial water loss in Vidalia. This facility experienced significant water damage, but our team arrived quickly, extracted the water, and placed air movers to dry the facility overnight. Ken and our technicians work hard to ensure all of our customers are satisfied with our work.